Track stories and breaking news in real time across the web to understand brand reputation and campaign effectiveness.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Our in-house team monitors more than 400,000 news websites, while providing complete metrics for articles around unique viewers per month, publicity value, and even lead generation and website traffic garnered to add meaning to mentions.

Unlimited Clips

No limit for your searches as well as on the amount of online news clips you are bringing in. So as your publicity soars, no need to worry about breaking the bank.

Professional Services Consultants

Our team is trained in best practices when it comes to Boolean logic searches and are dedicated to performing this task for consistency and accuracy. They act as your compass to help guide you in setting up search strings to pull in the most relevant content for your brand — setting you up for success.

Cision will help us stay on top of what’s being reported by the leading print and Internet outlets in the U.S., broadcast and cable networks and key local television markets. It will enable us to be more responsive and effective in both day-to-day and longer-term tasks.
- Carol Stogsdill, Senior Executive Director, Office of Media Relations
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