Communicators today need to do more than just distribute messages and respond to media requests. The ability to attribute value and instill meaning in the work your teams do, and earn media coverage your teams capture, is integral to the future of the communications industry.

The Cision Communications Cloud® features a suite of metrics and automated analyses that translate your activities and earned media coverage into valuable insights and most importantly verifiable return-on-investment. 


Earned Media Analytics

Context is everything. Cision’s advanced analytics offering includes key metrics that illustrate how well your brand is positioned in news media coverage, going beyond just reporting that a news item has landed.

  • Prominence scoring ascribes a metric to how often and in what position your brand is mentioned.
  • Impact scoring takes your prominence score and applies a multiplier based on the type of publication or channel your coverage has landed.
  • Social share of voice: Automated share of voice analyses can be conducted on all media channels.
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Website Analytics Integrations

Tell your ROI story better by integrating website analytics into your PR metrics reporting.

  • The one step integration embeds your analytics account into the Cision Comms Cloud.
  • Track coverage that your brand generates organically by attributing that coverage to any campaign.
  • Integrate UTM codes or urchin tracking module parameters, are the breadcrumbs that connect campaigns to your analytics tools or customer relationship management system (CRM).
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Campaign Reporting

Present your results, highlight your team’s success and make your coverage shine with Cision’s campaign reporting tools.

  • Public relations professionals can use the Cision Comms Cloud like a PR customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • Track coverage that your brand generates organically by sending that coverage to any campaign.

Brand it, share it, and repeat your analyses with teams and clients quickly and easily.

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