Attribution and analysis isn’t about what you feel or know, it is about what you can prove. The automated analysis in the Cision® Communications Cloud® help you tell your earned media data story more effectively.

Prominence scoring

Prominence scoring ascribes a metric to how often and in what position your brand is mentioned in the news coverage on every radio or television clip and every online or print article and blog. The more often your brand or product keywords are mentioned, and the higher up that placement is in the article, the stronger your score.

Impact scoring

Impact scoring takes your prominence score and applies a multiplier based on the type of publication or channel your coverage has landed in. Tier one publications such as the Washington Post or The New York Times will have a higher multiplier than local publications or more niche channels.

Social share of voice

Automated share of voice analysis can be conducted on all media channels, however, with new feeds to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, as well as our long-standing Twitter content you can evaluate your brand, products or messages against your competitors in as few as three clicks.

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