Earned media, online recommendations, reviews, opinions and search engine results are the most trusted channels of content and most likely to influence customer behavior. To drive actionable results, brands turn to Cision to leverage the industry’s most trusted content distribution network.


Trust & Credibility

For over 60 years of service, Cision Distribution by PR Newswire has proven to be the industry leader in providing high quality, authentic and relevant information to the media.

  • 76 percent of journalists use and trust Cision Distribution by PR Newswire for story leads, which helps our clients drive 48 percent more earned media pickup when compared to our closest competitor.*

*2017 survey of 1,545 media/journalists representing traditional media, the Associated Press & bloggers; 2013 KPMG Study.

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Digital Newsroom

We connect brands and industry experts with influential journalists who have specifically requested to receive news in your industry.

  • PR Newswire for Journalists is an exclusive media-only community of more than 39,000 vetted influencers.
  • Cision Distribution by PR Newswire is the only press release distribution network to have cultivated this unique media-only community.
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Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling has transformed how the media write and publish news. 75 percent of journalists always or often use multimedia in their stories. And most major publications will not publish a story without a multimedia asset.

  • Distribute multimedia content to newsrooms and photo editors.
  • Archive multimedia content with the AP and the industry’s only media-only newsroom, PR Newswire for Journalists.
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Expert Matching

Working on tight deadlines, journalists are looking for expert sources daily. Only Cision provides a media-expert match making service.

  • Receive media queries from journalists, bloggers and influencers seeking your subject matter experts.
  • Pitch your experts directly into the newsrooms to get in-front of the media as major news breaks using HARO and ProfNet.
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The Lupus Research Institute chooses PR Newswire to distribute press releases because the pick-up and results monitoring is better than any other service we have tried. We once used another service and the following year went with PR Newswire - the difference in pick-up was significant so we never looked back.  Also, we appreciate that our release lives on the PR Newswire website so it is easily accessed.
- Margy Meislin, Director of Communications, Lupus Research Institute and S.L.E. Lupus Foundation