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Shanelle Rein-Olowokere, Associate Style Editor, Celebrity Baby Blog at People.com

“What they want to do is get the Celebrity Baby Blog in sync with People Style Watch online so they have the same kind of coverage and same mentality,” she said. “Overall I’m here to hone in and organize the style part of the blog.”

Michelle Adams – Editor in Chief, Lonny Magazine

Michelle Adams talks launching Lonny Magazine.


A look at Esquire magazine.

Katherine “Kat” Odell – Editor, Eater LA

Katherine "Kat" Odell dishes about her new position as editor of Eater LA.

Quality over quantity: determining a journalist’s coverage

Services that promise more aren’t necessarily promising better CisionBlog frequently discusses how to target the media effectively without using ‘spray and […]

5 great ways for PR pros to utilize an expert

Plus: Huffington Post’s Media Editor discusses how your expert can become a HuffPost blogger You represent a product, service or brand with […]

Honesty before beauty: Pitching more than one contact at the same outlet

Elle’s beauty & fitness director shares insights about pitching multiple contacts at the same time Emily Dougherty, beauty and fitness […]

Pitching journalists in other countries requires special sensitivity, but the same rules apply

If you’ve ever spent time pitching story ideas to journalists in other countries, you probably know how important it is […]

Sarah Burns – Features Editor, Good Housekeeping

As a magazine journalist, Sarah Burns has held many titles. Just as women readers select new magazines based on different phases of […]

April Long – Senior Beauty & Fitness Editor, Elle

After earning her master’s degree in art theory from the Art Institute of Chicago, April Long was convinced of one thing: she […]

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