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After only a year since its launch, Tecca has established a comfortable tech space run by seasoned staffers for every level of geek.

Michelle Stacey – Deputy Editor, Shape

By Stone Hansard Any exercise junkie will tell you: starting a workout regimen is hard, and sticking to the plan is […]

Pitching Newspapers & Magazines: Tips from an editor & reporter

When a frequent recipient of press releases and pitches speaks, it pays to listen. The South Florida Sun Sentinel’s society […]

Andrew Sussman – Executive Producer, PRI’s The World

Global-minded executive producer discusses the transformation of PRI's The World for an American audience.

Pitching Blogs: Tips from a Blogger/Editor

Bloggers don’t answer to editors, they don’t have deadlines, and they have different goals than reporters. Some post a couple of […]

Carrie Frye – Managing Editor, The Awl

When Carrie Frye graduated from Amherst College she was an aspiring poet, so naturally she immediately found herself working at […]

Amy Gorin – Senior Editor, Health

Keeping up with trends in nutrition and weight loss can be a calorie-burning feat in itself, and doing it responsibly, […]

Jon Ward – Senior Political Reporter, The Huffington Post

This seasoned political journalist jumps to HuffPo to cover the 2012 presidential campaign

Annie Lam – Managing Editor, YYZ Living

Annie Lam has never been short on ideas. As a fashion stylist and editor for the past eight years, working in […]

Clark Mitchell – Senior Editor, Endless Vacation

Endless Vacation senior editor talks travel and writing.

Sarah Burns – Senior Health Editor, iVillage

There are many causes for the print-to-online media shift. Much has been said about the availability and flexibility of content […]

Katherine Hobson –Lead Writer, Health Blog; Health and Medicine Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Katherine Hobson discusses her new position with The Wall Street Journal

Rocky Rakovic – Editor, Inked Magazine

Rocky Rakovic joins editorial staff at Inked Magazine.

Targeting the Media Q&A

Last week, I presented Targeting the Media, a free Cision webinar, with Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Product […]

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