Earned Media

How to Put the Social into Your Public Relations Activities

Social media—or shared media as we refer to it in the PESO model—is increasingly becoming your most important brand communications channel. Here's how to put the social into your PR activities.

LiveRamp and Cision Combine Forces to Better Measure Earned Media Impact

Video: Cision's CEO Kevin Akeroyd discusses the organization’s new partnership with LiveRamp.

Art and Science: The Three Pillars of Storytelling Mapped to Data

The science of data and the art of storytelling shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, they coexist nicely. Here's how to use both together to improve your storytelling.

5 Takeaways from the #CisionWorldTour in Chicago

Cision's social media manager Bruce Kennedy gives us five takeaways from the #CisionWorldTour in Chicago.

Infographic: Journalists Want Brands to Provide Multimedia-Rich Content

Infographic: when PR pros use rich formats like photos, videos, infographics and more, they can increase earned media opportunities.

How the Latest Release of the Cision Communications Cloud™ Helps PR Pros

The latest release of the Cision Communications Cloud™ is designed to help PR pros better target influencers, craft multichannel campaigns and attribute the value of their earned media.

How to Leverage Your HARO Earned Media Placements

Leveraging your HARO placements can increase the reach of the article and further your impact on potential customers. By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your hard-earned media placements!

How to Gain Executive Buy-In for Switching to the PESO Model

The PESO model is all about taking a smarter, more strategic approach to communications across your organization to create better outcomes for your customers and your bottom line. As long as you make that clear in your presentation, you should have little trouble getting the green light to implement the PESO model.

Using the PESO Model to Drive an Effective PR Content Strategy

Without a documented content strategy in hand, you’re left creating random pieces of one-off content that may or may not support your business objectives and the goals you’ve set for your PR efforts. Luckily, the PESO model makes it easy to define an effective plan, and ensure your content will produce measurable results.

The New Marketing Mandate for the Advocacy Era

We're in the Era of Advocacy - where influencers and advocates drive the markets, and marketers have a new mandate. Do you know how to tap into this influence?

Welcome to the Future of Earned Media Communications

The tech revolution has arrived in earned media. Today, we unveiled the Cision Communication Cloud™, a revolutionary platform for communicators and marketers.

Trust: A Communicator’s Lifeline

Trust is that five letter word that's hard to build and easy to lose. Ahead of the PRSA 2016 International Conference, we explore trust in communications.

How the PESO Model Changes PR’s Conversation

Don't think PR can show a return-on-investment? Think again - thanks to the PESO model and its reshaping of the conversation around public relations.

Why You Need an Online Newsroom

You put so much effort into writing press releases and pitching the media, so why wouldn’t you take the extra […]

Use PR to Promote Your Content Marketing

For measurable outcomes, “great content needs to be paired with great promotion,” says Kevin Bailey, CMO of DigitalRelevance. The days […]

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