Maximize the Impact of Your Earned Media Programs with Data-Driven Insights

Big data is behind many of the greatest technological breakthroughs of the 21st Century. Data transforms industries by uncovering new opportunities and enabling data-driven decision making, leading to better outcomes.

  • Google uses big data to show you as many useful ads as possible when you search for things online.
  • Spotify recommends songs, playlists and albums you might like using big data to match songs to your tastes.
  • Big data is used extensively in politics now, playing key roles in the last few presidential elections.

While advertisers and marketers have been busy pioneering ways to use this type of data, the PR industry has been left behind. It might seem hard to believe, but many communicators are still using methods and techniques that date back to the 1970s. Many PR pros still build media lists manually, and most lack the tools they need to properly analyze the performance of their campaigns.

With communicators under increasing pressure to prove the value of their work, the industry urgently needs a fresh new approach. It’s time to harness new technology and take advantage of the same insights that are already transforming everything from advertising to farming.

PR will always be a creative discipline. But creative storytelling powered by data-driven insights will enable your communications programs to reach their full potential.

Combine Creativity With Hard Data to Unlock Earned Media’s Full Potential

Marketing execs already understand the power of earned media. That creates a huge opportunity for communicators who can prove the value of their work to move to the front of the marketing investments made by companies.

As a communicator, you can deliver stories through channels that let people choose when they want to engage with our products and services. When the audience can choose, they are more receptive to hearing our stories. That’s what gives earned media a natural edge. By combining this edge with data-driven insights you can finally design, execute and optimize your PR programs for maximum impact.

Data can dramatically enhance earned performance by identifying new audiences, expanding distribution and messaging performance. Incorporating data-driven insights in influencer marketing can unlock both improvements in campaign performance, and measurement of the financial impact of your PR programs.

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