5 Questions With The Lily: The Washington Post’s Bold Experiment For Millennial Women

Amy King, editor at The Lily, talks about #MeToo, the site’s striking design, and why the team banned the exclamation point.

Behind the Headlines with Kim Dixon

Kim Dixon sat down with me this week to discuss her journalism career, the intricacies of healthcare reporting, and her advice for PR professionals.

Behind the Headlines With Stuart Pfeifer

PR professionals are always looking to better understand journalists, and Stuart Pfeifer has the inside scoop. A former reporter for […]

Why Content Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Traditional Media

Online is where people go to have questions answered, but traditional media — radio, television, and print — is where people learn […]

Journalism & News Trends for PR Pros

The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos. Layoffs and restructuring are still […]

Sharyl Attkisson Launches Full Measure on Sinclair

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson premiered Oct. 4 on Sinclair affiliates, with former CBS investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson in the host […]

Report: More Journalists Are Finding Social Media Useful

Recently, journalists have warmed up to the idea of using social media. Learn three reasons why those who were once skeptical now frequently use these tools.

Is Social Media Changing the Role of Journalists?

Since the dawn of the Internet, the role of journalists and the state of the media have been in a constant […]

Has the Digital Age Affected the Impartiality of the Press?

[Impartiality] is to be distinguished from balance (the allocation of equal space to opposing views) and objectivity (by which journalists […]

The Blending World of Content and Journalism

Content marketing and journalism continue to blend, with each discipline needing each other more as time progresses. The underlying catalyst […]

Women in Sports Journalism

Discussing the role of gender in sports media

To Code, or Not to Code?

If your job involves a keyboard, a mouse and some kind of online engagement, you’ve probably had someone say, “You […]

Startup Power

How the surge of traditional journalists moving to startups is transforming digital media

Introducing The New Cision Email Newsletter

One of our biggest goals here at Cision is to continually provide our audience with truly useful, quality content. Whether […]

The State of Social Journalism

The results are in from Cision's annual global Social Journalism study.

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