Social, print, broadcast and online media analyses support channel-specific and multi-channel recommendations and performance metrics to model your marketing mix.

Get more for your spend

Consumers are bombarded with messages across all media channels. So which should you invest in? We help you understand what messages and channels resonate with your audience so you can best leverage your marketing budget to the channels that drive revenue.

Manage Media Strategies

Feed our data into your modeling

The Global Insights methodology was designed specifically to represent the peculiarities of media strategies in marketing mix models, quantifying how positive and negative content is remembered across multiple media channels from social to broadcast to print. Clients can more effectively manage their media mix strategies with global, multi-channel performance metrics.

Allocate Resources

Continuous tracking and integration

Cision’s media measurement briefings and dashboards inform marketing mix models, while providing a consistent and trustworthy data source for an unbiased comparison. A more educated marketing mix model allows clients to more effectively allocate budgets and resources.

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