CHICAGO, Feb. 6, 2017 — Fingerpaint, a marketing innovation agency with offices spanning the country, was in search of a solution to both streamline its workflow process and clearly demonstrate its campaign efforts for clients in a tangible way. The agency turned to Cision and its new Cision Communications Cloud™ software as a way to manage its media outreach, monitoring and track its ROI all in a single place.

“Before Cision, we were using three different services to manage various communication components,” said Lynita Johnson, in public relations at Fingerpaint. “We were spending a lot of time going into the different platforms and manually manipulating the information and data to filter into versions that we could use, both internally and externally.”

With Cision’s integrated platform, Fingerpaint was able to eliminate its use of one-off point solutions and instead focus on cultivating new business development opportunities.

“Using three different platforms was not efficient and made for a very fragmented process,” said Johnson. “We knew we needed one integrated platform to manage all of the different components.”

Through the Cision Communications Cloud™, Fingerpaint has been able to improve several key areas of previously segmented communication functions, including:

  • Earned media: ability to track engagement and leads from pitches and media placements
  • Influencer relations: ability to identify influencers and manage relationships
  • Competitive analysis: ability to track how clients stack up against competitors
  • Media relations: ability to customize media lists with personalized notes and additional private contacts enables optimal organization.
  • Engagement performance: ability to track the performance of distributed content and provide insight to clients

“We use the Cision platform for new business development opportunities,” said Johnson. “Clients have ideas on what their positions are in the market and where they want their communications efforts to focus. Using Cision, we get a clear picture of their actual position in the marketplace and what their audience is interested in, which gives us a foundation for recommendations we pitch to them. We also use the platform for goal development and competitive analysis, and to show how we can tie it all to tangible ROI.”

To learn more about how the Cision Communications Cloud™ enabled Fingerpaint to develop a streamlined communications process and improve earned media performance, read the full case study here.