Vocus has been invaluable for the New Orleans tourism economy.
—Lea Sinclair 
Director of Communications



successstory-nolaNew Orleans tourism is one of the largest industries in Louisiana, accounting for 78,000 jobs and bringing in $6 billion annually.

Much of the responsibility for keeping New Orleans’ lifeblood flowing falls to the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC).

“New Orleans sells itself, but we aim to keep tourism going year round,” says Lea Sinclair, NOTMC’s director of communications. “We have to fill the gaps during the periods when it’s not quite as full as it is at Mardi Gras.”

As a city agency, NOTMC also has to show how its PR efforts impact the bottom line.

“NOTMC receives taxes that go to tourism. Since we deal with public funds, we need lots of accountability,” Lea says.

“Our board wants to see that we keep New Orleans’ tourism industry going strong.”


“The Vocus PR Suite is a big part of the mix here at NOTMC,” Lea says. “It does PR and all of the related analytics.”

NOTMC has found great success using the software’s news releases and publicity alerts to raise awareness of area culture, events and cuisine. The PR Analytics, Lea says, show the bottom-line impact.

“The software makes my job easier. Other PR software providers may do three of the things that the Vocus PR Suite does, but none do all of them,” Lea says. “I tested one of their competitors and ran the same tests. The Vocus PR Suite produced larger media lists and more robust analytics by quite a large margin.

“The NOTMC Board loves the details that I can provide about what type of reach our PR efforts produced and which markets received our message.”


Lea regularly invites TV shows like “Top Chef” to film in New Orleans to help keep the city top of mind.

“The reason hosting those shows has been so wonderful comes back to Vocus,” Lea says. “The Vocus PR Suite gave us proof of their value, which we showed our board and the rest of the city.”

The ability to deliver and demonstrate success has paid dividends not only for Lea and NOTMC, but the city in general.

“The Vocus PR Suite helps me enhance my expertise,” Lea says. “I take all of my knowledge, combine it with the software’s features and create the best product possible for our constituents.

“The software has been invaluable for NOTMC and the New Orleans tourism economy.”