Take a comprehensive tour of the industry’s most powerful monitoring and targeting software – the Cision Communications Cloud®.

Andrea Rosi, Cision’s Director of Product Marketing, and Lee Ribeiro, Cision Product Marketing Manager, lead you through a demo of the Cloud. Learn how to:

  • Understand your brand’s impact: Find out what people are saying about your brand vs. the competition.
  • Build, edit, and delete keyword searches  to quickly ingest relevant media content and respond to the rapidly changing news environment in real-time.
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics for a user-friendly interface to filter and build more creative charts.
  • Gain valuable, automated insights: Aggregate trending and emerging topics, uncover key influencers and learn brand and competitive insights.
  • Harness shareable, customizable reporting without sacrificing your valuable time.
  • Create customized, dynamic content templates.
  • Sort, add, and delete tags across your entire system from a single interface, streamlining the organization of news clips.
  • Manage a smooth list experience with insights, sorting options with grid view, and more filters to locate the right influencers.
  • Sort influencers via contact name, outlet name, audience reach, UVPM, or influencer rank, ensuring the most impactful influencers are contacted first.
  • Share, download, and edit capabilities reducing manual touch points while taking full advantage of data.
  • Use full screen views and chart notes for in-dashboard presentations, avoiding the hassle of PowerPoint.

Join Andrea and Lee to discover how our intuitive platform empowers you to show your value, while improving your workflow, using cutting-edge advanced analytics and targeting capabilities.

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Meet Our Expert Speakers:

Andrea Rosi
Director of Product Marketing at Cision
Andrea Rosi is the Director of Product Marketing for the Cision Communications Cloud®. She comes from a background in the Martech space, with 5+ years spent focused on marketing automation, content marketing, and personalization software. At Cision, she leads a team in the creation of product messaging and Go-To-Market activities to drive engagement with existing and future customers.

Lee Ribeiro
Product Marketing Manager at Cision
Lee Ribeiro is a Product Marketing Manager at Cision, where he manages content and communication channels between product and sales teams regarding product updates, new features, and positioning towards B2B and B2C audiences.