Reaching the masses with a public service announcement is no longer as simple as it once was.

Ad time for public service announcements is donated by broadcasters, but the FCC doesn’t require stations to air them. In the past, public service ads were often used to fill commercial breaks, but these days many stations use that time for self-promotion. In addition, competition for broadcast airings of public service announcements is extremely competitive; modern public service announcements compete with many different channels and thousands of online messages.

If you are brainstorming your next public service campaign or need tips for better connecting with audiences, follow our best practices:

  • Your public service announcement should spark conversation
  • Emotional connections can be more important than fame
  • Public service announcements don’t have to be advertising
  • Give people a reason to share your message

For more in-depth public service tips on crafting better messaging that touches on emotion and creates buzz read our “How To Create a Powerful Public Service Announcement” tip sheet.

View the tip sheet today!

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