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How to Measure The True Value of PR

When it comes to competing for marketing budget and resources, marketing leaders expect to compete on “a level playing field” and yet that has not been the case for senior PR/comms managers. When PR managers compete for budget, resources and recognition for their earned media activity against colleagues representing paid and owned media — the field is slanted against PR.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement

Ah, the “boring press release” — we've all read them, and most of us are guilty of writing one. I mean, yes, hiring a new chief operating officer is newsworthy, and it warrants a press release. But let’s be real — it’s not sexy.

Indy 500 Brands: The Social Media Champs

Last weekend, Cision monitored media coverage of the Indianapolis 500. Find out which brands took the lead and which ones were left in the dust.

What Is Social CRM And How Can It Help You?

Brands use social media to talk to and collaborate with customers to solve business problems. Marketers use social media to ask […]

Should You Invite Kim Kardashian to Your Brand’s Event?

Kim Kardashian is having a moment. She was everywhere during New York Fashion Week, appearing at SNL’s 40th anniversary wearing […]